The following books are illustrated by Jacqueline Rogers, for various

publishers over her career. They are listed by title, author, and pub date.


















Wendy Lamb Books

Calvin Coconut, Extra Famous   Graham Salisbury 2013

Calvin Coconut, Rocket Ride   Graham Salisbury 2012

Calvin Coconut, Man Trip   Graham Salisbury 2012

Calvin Coconut, Kung Fooey   Graham Salisbury 2011

Calvin Coconut, Hero of Hawaii   Graham Salisbury 2011

Calvin Coconut, Zoo Breath   Graham Salisbury 2010

Calvin Coconut, Dog Heaven   Graham Salisbury 2010

Calvin Coconut, Trouble Magnet   Graham Salisbury 2009

Calvin Coconut, The Zippy Fix   Graham Salisbury 2009


Harper Collins

Little Ree:  Best Friends Forever   Ree Drummond     2018

Little Ree   Ree Drummond  2017

Our Great Big Back Yard

-Laura Bush and Jenna Bush Hager  2016

Socks   Beverly Cleary  2015

Muggie Maggie  Beverly Cleary  2015

The Mouse and the Motorcycle   Beverly Cleary  2014

Runaway Ralph  Beverly Cleary   2014

Ralph S. Mouse  Beverly Cleary  2014

Henry Huggins   Beverly Cleary  2014

Henry and Ribsy   Beverly Cleary  2014

Henry and Beezus   Beverly Cleary  2014

Henry and the Paper Route  Beverly Cleary  2014

Henry and the Clubhouse  Beverly Cleary  2014

Ribsy   Beverly Cleary  2014


Just For Me:  My Ramona Quimby Journal   

-Beverly Cleary  2013

Beezus and Ramona   Beverly Cleary 2013

Ramona the Pest   Beverly Cleary 2013

Ramona the Brave   Beverly Cleary 2013

Ramona and Her Mother   Beverly Cleary 2013

Ramona and Her Father   Beverly Cleary 2013

Ramona Quimby Age 8   Beverly Cleary 2013

Ramona Forever   Beverly Cleary 2013

Ramona‚Äôs World   Beverly Cleary 2013

Dixie Wins the Race   Grace Gilman 2012

Dixie and the Class Treat   Grace Gilman 2012

Betsy B. Little   Anne McEvoy 2009

Holiday House

One Tractor a counting book   Alexandra Siy 2008

Turkeys Together   Carol Wallace 2005

Cars   Nancy Smiler Levinson 2004

Little Scraggly Hair   Lynn Cullen 2003

Goosed   Bill Wallace 2002

When Esther Morris Headed West   Connie Wooldridge 2001

There Goes Lowell's Party  Ester Hershenhorn 1998

The Ghost in Room 11  Betty Ren Wright 1998

Princess For a Week  Betty Ren Wright 2006

Nothing But Trouble   Betty Ren Wright 1995


Baby Signs   Kyle Olmon 2009

Stormy   Elizabeth Mills 2010

Dash   Elizabeth Mills 2010

I am Blessed   Grace Maccarone 2008

The Littlest Christmas Tree  R.A. Herman 2007

Belle   Elizabeth Mills 2007

Good Night Sleep Tight  Simon Ludvigsen Gaines 2007

Tina Ballerina's Ballet Class  Posey Christian 2006

Lucky   Jane E. Gerver 2006

Snowflake   Suzanne Weyn 2006

Scholastic (continued)

Goose on the Loose   Jacqueline Rogers 2006

Kindergarten Count to 100   Jacqueline Rogers 2004

The Littles Have a Merry Christmas   John Peterson 2002

Kindergarten ABC   Jacqueline Rogers 2002

The Little Do Their Homework   Teddy Slater 2002

The Littles and the Summer Storm   Teddy Slater 2002

The Littles Have a Happy Valentine's Day   John Peterson 2002

The Littles Go on a Hike   Teddy Slater 2002

The Littles Get Trapped   John Peterson 2002

The Littles and the Scary Halloween   John Peterson 2002

Scholastic (continued)

The Littles and the Secret Letter   John Peterson 2001

The Littles and the Big Blizzard   John Peterson 2001

The Littles Make a Friend   John Peterson and Teddy Slater 2000

The Littles Go Around the World   John Peterson 2000

Good Luck Glasses   Sara London 2000

Footprints in the Sand   Cynthia Benjamin 1999

Love Your Neighbor  Arthur Dobrin 1999

Tiptoe Into Kindergarten   Jacqueline Rogers 1999

Scholastic (continued)

Ballerina Dreams   Diana White 1998

The Ghost of Sifty Sifty   Sam Angela Medearis 1997

Once Upon a Springtime   Jean Marzollo 1997

We Eat Dinner in the Bathtub   Angela Medearis 1996

Roly Poly Puppies   Elaine Moore 1996

Walk With Me   Naomi Danis 1995

A Boy Named Boomer   Boomer Esiason 1995

Snow Angel   Jean Marzollo 1995

Scholastic (continued)

Footprints in the Snow   Cynthia Benjamin 1994

Five Live Bongos   George Ella Lyon 1994

Best Friends Sleep Over   Jacqueline Rogers 1993

Monkey See, Monkey Do   Marc Gave 1993

Winter Wonderland   Dick Smith 1993

Kenny and the Little Kickers   Claudio Marzollo 1992

Monster Soup   Dylis Evans 1992

The Christmas Pageant   Jacqueline Rogers 1989



The Night Before Christmas, a goblin tale   Clement C. Moore 2003

Farrar, Strauss and Giroux

Perfectly Chelsea   Claudia Mills 2004


Dodi's Prince  Vaughn Michaels 2003

Nelson Malone Saves Flight 942   Louise Hawes 1988


Phyllis Fogelman Books

I Want to Say I Love You   Carolyn Buehner 2001

Wait For Me Said Maggie McGee   Jean Van Leeuwen 2001


Witch Twins and Melody   Malady Adele Griffin 2003

Witch Twins at Camp Bliss  Adele Griffin 2002

Witch Twins   Adele Griffin 2001

A Big, Spooky House  Donna Washington 2000

Simon and Schuster

Fairies, Trolls and Goblins Galore   Dilys Evans 2000

Weird Pet Poems   Dilys Evans 1997

Emma and Freckles   Valerie Beales 1992

Marshall Cavendish

Story Time For Little Porcupine  Joseph Slate 2000

The Stars are Waiting   Marjorie Dennis Murray 1998

Random House

Friends in Deed Save the Manatee  Alison Friesinger 1997

The Perfect Pony  Corinne Demas 2000



The Prince and the Princess   Marianna Mayer 1989


The Little Ballerina and her Dancing Horse   Gelsey Kirkland 19948


Even More Short and Shivery   Robert D. San Souci 1997

The Royal Switch  The Dutchess of York 1996

Bright Lights   The Dutchess of York 1996

The Puppy Sister   S. E. Hinton 1995

More Short and Shivery   Robert D. San Souci 1994

Delacorte (continued)

Wanted Mud Blossom   Betsy Byars 1991

The Blossoms and the Green Phantom  Betsy Byars 1987

A Blossom Promise  Betsy Byars 1987

The Blossoms Meet the Vulture Lady  Betsy Byars 1986

The Not Just Anybody Family  Betsy Byars 1986

How a Weirdo and a Ghost Can Change Your Entire Life  Patricia Windsor 1986

Crocodile Christmas   Stephen Roos 1992

The Cottontail Caper   Stephen Roos 1992

Love Me, Love My Werewolf   Stephen Roos 1991


The Promise   Jackie French Kholler 1999

Leftover Lily   Sally Warner 1999

Accidental Lily   Sally Warner 1999

Sweet and Sour Lily   Sally Warner 1998

Private Lily  Sally Warner 1998



Patrick's Day  Elizabeth Lee O'Donnell 1994

Getting Rid of Krista  Amy Hest 1988

Bradbury Press

Dancing the Breeze   George Shannon 1991

Staying With Grandma   Eileen Roe 1989

Brendan's Best Time Birthday   Deborah Gould 1988

William the Vehicle King   Laura Newton 1987



Albert Whitman

My Mom Can't Read  Muriel Stanek 1988

The Saddest Time  Norma Simon 1986


Grosset and Dunlap

The Little Rabbit Who Wanted Red Wings   Carolyn Sherwin Bailey 1988


Little Brown

When Parent is Very   Sick Eda Leshan 1986

Crow Flies Press


"A Free Woman on God's Earth"   Jana Laiz and Ann-Elizabeth Barnes  2009

Illustrated Type


Little Ree  Best Friends Forever    Ree Drummond   2018